Just look at how happy she was.


It was a hot day, so we decided to go outside and give our Husky a bath in the dog pool. After she was good and clean, it was time to dry her.

Select the nozzle you'd like, line it up with the dots at the top of the dryer and turn to lock it in place. And that's really it. You're good to go cycling from natural to high and our Husky just loved it.

This is my favorite feature. We brushed her a day before for about an hour and got tons of fur off her coat. But even then, this blower found all the loose fur and sent it flying into the air for the birds to use for their nesting later.We blew her coat for a while and she was so happy.

She was smiling through it all and we managed to not only dry her, but get so much fur off of her coat. It even felt so good for her that she leaned into it and started kicking.