I absolutely love that it is so light and easy to travel

It is a big lazy day, but kind of day. But unfortunately today is actually not a lazy day.I don't have to tell you guys if you have Aussie, how great owning one or actually love you more than one is.

When it comes to my dogs, I am a little bit, probably more extreme than most. My guys and girls get bathed and dried once a week, but the boy go to the park every single night and it has red dirt.

Now our table is outside downstairs and our dryer is upstairs through the house on the deck.So bring a sopping wet dog.Through the house is not ideal.And the dryer is pretty heavy and I have a full grooming station.

It'll be really cool. I haven't seen a pet dryer that looks like this. It my absolute favorite. And I actually like how you hold it because it's just like the bigger dryers, how you would hold the hose.

One thing I love about this dryer is that it does have different temperature settings, which is absolutely great.

The auto temperature is going to help drive the hair faster, and it also helps to dry the hair straighter. So if you have a dog with Waveier coat or maybe a triple spot like York does, this is going to help a lot and be great for you.

You can tell he has a lot of hair there and all these are known for getting yeast in their chest and on their feet. So always means that they are dry is really really important and thanks to the jellyfish dryer it has become so much easier.

I can get Flambeau fully dry in less than an hour with this dryer and I absolutely love that it is so light and easy to travel with that it is going to be my go to dryer when I go to Puerto Rico.