So super easy.


This thing makes it so easy after you've given your pet a bath to help dry their fur. It's also really good on those rainy days too. When your pet comes in and soaking wet. You can use this to dry off their paws and then they don't have to stay quarantined and off your floors while waiting for those to air dry.

So this does have four different temperature modes and then two different heat settings.Definitely very powerful, but also great for dogs of all sizes too.

You can use it on that lower speed for the little ones that are not so sure about the hair dryer or the higher speeds, obviously to dry them off a lot faster.

So I'm gonna put it on the low mode first on the nice cool setting.
Since she is a Husky, she's always hot, very fluffy. But I do love having the different heat options. But for her, we're gonna go with low and cold.And you can see her fur blowing around so the low just gives a nice little breeze. And you can see the fur can really blow and she really enjoys it.

This is so nice just to get them dried off quickly. It's also super lightweight and easy to pack up as well too. So you could take it with you if you're traveling on vacation or dog shows or anything like that. This is super handy to have and absolutely a must have for every dog owner.