I can't believe. I highly recommend.


Beautiful girl. Ready to get dry.
There's a lot of volume. The air volume is crazy on this and it's got 4 levels of temperature. And then we've got two modes of air.We've got mother-in-law yelling at you and hurricane. This is super crazy.

Just get your dog dry so fast.It doesn't pass it for it there's three different attachments. And this stick is so lightweight.And it really. It's still lightweight and it's the perfect shape. It's exactly what you want from the hair dryer.It's a you can hold like a pencil. It's not that dumb, dumb, dumb shape. It's really good.

I think the four temperatures is really my favorite part.This is pretty cool. I can't believe. I highly recommend. I guess. I mean, and it's half the price of my wife's hair dryer.

She's a rescue and I don't think I probably would have.I wouldn't have gotten her if I just, because we live in such a hot area and stuff, but but somebody did and she was going to get taken care of or whatever. So she's a rescue dog. I'm going to take her. We're going to take her out and do some stuff, and I think we may go to a little cooler climate this summer, just to let her be an old cooler climate anyway.

I just love this dog so much.
That's it. See ya.