I'm going to love it for his too.


Service dog Pepsi and I are going to be hitting the road soon doing our van life.

We have to keep him on 100 footlead now because we've got a Groundhog and Fox and some other critters that have started coming around.And we had a deer come out of the woods one day that felt like he was a little too close to the baby and really went after him. Excellent in fact.

But I don't want to risk it with the wild animal because he thinks every animal is out there to play and that's how I want to keep it. So when he's around other dogs and cats on a farm, I don't have to worry.

So since it's pretty day outside I grabbed this new dog hair dryer that I cannot wait to try. I brought warm water in from the tap so he won't be cold at all and I am doing this outside just in case his tails eye gets all over everything. Let's get them washed up and get ready to dry them off with this jellyfish handheld pet dryer that I am excited about.

It's advertised to be a powerful handheld pit dryer, which is great. It means I'm not going to spend as much time getting Pepsi dried off as I might otherwise Look at all of these great attachments. Now I love having these attachments from my personal hair dryer and I really think I'm going to love it for his too. And it's got a super heavy duty cord.