It is definitely great.


It's a really sleek white color. I love it for that.

It has those two settings and it also came with different attachments that you can use with your dog, depending on on how you want to be able to use that as well.

And we're actually going to go ahead and give my puppy a bath today.
So we're going to go ahead and try that. It's also super easy to clean. You just also twist this off and then clean the bottom as well.

So it's great for that as well and we're going to go ahead and give this a shot. What I really like about this hair dryer as well is the different modes it has for your pet comfort. It has a cooling and it goes all the way from warm to hot.

So it has about different mode, four different modes, and the color changes depending on what mode you want it. So it's really easy to understand what mode you have and what mode you would like.