Q: Is posible to switc to 220 volts?

A:Cannot be used on 220 volts or you will burn the motor outright.

Q: I’m looking for something to blow dirt and grass of my big dogs. Will this work for that?

A: Yes. Wet or dry, it will blow grass clippings and leaves, dirt, sand, dander, etc off your dog, just make sure you don't blow it into your own eyes. It won't blow stains off your dog, or blow out tangly viney plant matter but it will also blow out their shedding hair and undercoat, winwin.
A:I have not tried blowing dirt or grass off my pups, but it is a really good hair drier with three settings, cold, warm and hot. I would stay away from hot setting on small dogs. I love it as it takes less time to dry them after a bath.

Q: What to do in the event of a malfunction? Is there a warranty offered?

A: If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us via Amazon message or email. We offer one year warranty for all our products.

Q:What should I do if my pet is scared when using it for the first time?

A: If your pet is wary, try using the dryer with your dog without power. First get used to the lowest wind speed in the distance. Once you feel stable, approach slowly.It is important to gain the dog's trust and give praise and material rewards during the adaptation process. The adaptation process is the way to deepen mutual affection.

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