Definitely recommend it.


It is amazing.

It has three different nozzles for specific functions. It's a great size so I can use it at home or for travel.Really important not to use water for this or that can cause fault. So just clean it with like a dry toothbrush to get any of the lint out.

It also has multiple temperatures, So here this would be the temperatures.And it has a different speeds as well. So this is low speed and it's a little less noisy. All of the speeds aren't so noisy, which is great because a lot of dogs and I know Leo really is not a fan of super loud noises and their ears are sensitive.

So if you just want to get going and like you're like I need to give my dog a bath like this, that makes it so easy to figure out how to use.

This is the one I usually use for Leo because it's good for thick coat dogs and he has he's a thick undercoat as well so it just helps with fast drying.

So I've just put some lean in shampoo on his chest with a little wet so.I'm just going to dry it, and I like him to be familiar with it.

First I let him smell like good boy. Yeah, doing so good.So it's super easy to use. Definitely recommend it.

It's going to make bath time so much easier, especially in the summer. He goes swimming a lot and gets so stinky, so I can't wait to clean him and be able to actually dry him.